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  Dunfermline, Fife

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Abbot Hall (Evangelical) on Wilson Close. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Calvary Christian Fellowship on Chalmers Street. Sunday services are held at West Baptist Church. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Central Mosque and Islamic Centre on Woodmill Road. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The former Church of Christ (1891) on Chapel Street is now The Gillespie Centre. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Church of Christ on Pittencrieff Road was previously a CoS Mission Hall - and very difficult to photograph!. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on St. Leonard's Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The remains of Dunfermline Abbey on St. Margaret Street. The refectory. The foundations of St. Margaret's Shrine (Wikipedia article on St. Margaret here). Another view showing the ruins (at left) and Abbey Church at right. Another view of the Abbey Church. All Jim Parker (2014). Link1. Link2.

Dumfermline East Church (CoS) on Nightingale Place. Between 2006 and 2012 the congregation met at Duloch Leisure Centre. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Fellowship of Christ on Chalmers Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Gillespie Memorial Church (CoS) on Chapel Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link1. Link2.

Gospel Hall on Hospital Hill. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Headwell Community Church on Headwell Avenue. It stands on the site of the demolished Erskine Parish Church. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church on East Port. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Abel Place. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Liberty Church meet at Queen Anne High School on Broomhead Parks. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Link Church stands on Priory Lane. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The site of the demolished Maygate Baptist Chapel, which stood on Maygate. The site is now a small garden. Some history here, which also lists the large number of denominations which used the church, which was built as Methodist in 1816. Demolished in 1893, it was replaced by a warehouse, now also (obviously) demolished.

The former New Life Community Church on Albany Street has been converted to residential use. It was originally built as St. Margaret's Mission Hall (CoS). Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Of the demolished North Congregational Church, all that survives are a doorway and two windows. Jim Parker (2014). Link - which also details some of its complicated history.

North Parish Church (CoS) on Goldrum Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Our Lady of Lourdes (R.C.) on Aberdour Road. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Queen Margaret's Cave on Bridge Street. A small plaque has a little history. The modern entrance. All Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The former St. Andrew's Erskine Church on Pilmuir Street. Built as a Burgher Church in 1798-1800, it continued in ecclesiastical use until 1998. The numerous name changes are recorded here. Jim Parker (2014).

St. Andrew's Erskine Church (CoS) on Robertson Road. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The former St. John's Parish Church on Bruce Street was built as Free Church in 1849-50. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Leonard's Parish Church (CoS) and adjacent Church Hall, on Brucefield Avenue. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Margaret's Parish Church on Abel Place. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Margaret's Roman Catholic Memorial Church on East Port. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Ninian's Parish Church (CoS) on Allan Crescent. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Paul's Parish Church stood here on Canmore Street. It was demolished following a fire (which started in an adjacent building) in 1976. The gate-piers survive, though they may have been moved slightly (see here for more on this, and for a general history). A plaque also has a little history. Both Jim Parker (2014).

The former Salvation Army on Carnegie Drive is now in use as a restaurant. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The former Salvation Army on Pilmuir Street is now in use as a gym. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The former Seventh-day Adventist Church on Gordon Terrace was undergoing refurbishment when Jim visited. It is due to re-open as a Community Church. In the meantime, the Adventists are meeting in the nearby LDS Church. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Spiritualist Church on Lady Campbell's Walk. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The Vine Church on Garvock Hill. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

U.R.C. (1842) on Canmore Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Viewfield Baptist Church on East Port. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The Vine Fellowship formerly met in the Del Farquharson Centre on Netherton Broad Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

West Baptist Church (1898) on Chalmers Street. The church was established following a split from Viewfield (above). Jim Parker (2014). Link which includes the fact that a spire was removed in 1982, subsequent to gale damage.




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