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Darlington, County Durham

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Grange Road Baptist Church. Alan Blacklock. Link.

Gurdwara Sahib on Louisa Street, was previously Eastbourne Methodist Church and Louisa Street Methodist Church. It originally dates from 1901, and closed (as Methodist) in 1980. Another view. NZ 299 143. Both Martin Richter (2011). Link.

Harrowgate Hill Methodist Church. Alan Blacklock. Link.

Holy Trinity. Bill Henderson. Another view. Alan Blacklock.

Life and Light Missions Church, formerly St. Hilda (CoE, 1887/8). Another view. NZ 293 145. Both Martin Richter (2011). Link1. Link2. Link3.

St. Andrew at Haughton-le-Skerne. Another view. Interior view. All Alan Blacklock. Link.

St. Anne (R.C.). Interior view. Both Mike Forbester. Link.

St. Augustine (R.C.). Interior view. Both Mike Forbester. Link.

St. Cuthbert. Alan Blacklock. Link.

St. Herbert, the parish church of East Darlington. NZ 311 142. Alan Blacklock. Two further views - 1, 2, both Martin Richter (2011). The parish was created in 1939, and the church must date from about then. Link.

St. James the Great. Interior view. Both Mike Forbester. Link.

St. John the Evangelist on Neasham Road. Built 1847-9, the vestries were added in 1900. NZ 296 143. Martin Richter (2011). Link1 (see page 188). Grade II listed.

St. Mark. Alan Blacklock. Link.

St. Teresa (R.C.) on Harris Street. NZ 308 139. Martin Richter (2011). Link1. Link2.

St. Thomas Aquinas (R.C.). Alan Blacklock. Link.

Springfield Church (U.R.C.). Alan Blacklock. Link.





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