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Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria

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Baptist Chapel (now used as a bakery). SD 2320 7424. Philip Kapp.

Cemetery Chapel (CoE) at SD 2272 7359, and a second chapel (Non-Conformist) at SD 2273 7251. Philip Kapp.

Methodist Church, labelled as Wesleyan on an O.S. map of 1911. SD 2285 7415. Philip Kapp. Link.

Our Lady of the Rosary (R.C.). SD 234 744. Philip Kapp. Kevin Price advises that this was previously St. Margaret (CoE) until the 1960's.

St. Mary, the Parish Church. SD 2258 7389. Philip Kapp. Another view. Bill McKenzie. Link1. Link2.

Salvation Army Hall. From Rob Brettle's Collection.

Seventh-day Adventist Church. SD 233 742. Philip Kapp. Kevin Price advises that this has had a very varied history. The Church of Christ had it from the early C20 until 1986, when they sold it. Before them it had had various secular uses, and was at one point also a Methodist Church.

U.R.C. SD 232 741. Philip Kapp. Link.




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