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Crook, County Durham                       

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The former Methodist New Connexion Chapel (1859, as shown by the date-stone) on North Terrace. NZ 165 356. Both Peter Morgan (2013).

Our Lady Immaculate and St. Cuthbert (R.C.) on Church Hill. Another view. NZ 168 358. Both Alan Blacklock. Link.

St. Andrew (Methodist and U.R.C.) on Dawson Street, built as Primitive Methodist in 1868, and sporting a rather handsome date-stone. NZ 166 355. Both Peter Morgan (2013). Link. Grade II* listed.

Previously listed as St. Andrew (U.R.C.), it is evidently not that church (for which see above) unless it has two buildings. Can you clarify what it is or was? Alan Blacklock. Mike Berrell has advised (from here) that this building on Whitfield Street was originally St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, becoming U.R.C. following the union in 1972. A Local Ecumenical Partnership formed in or soon after 2004, and the Dawson Street church (above) was retained, with this church closing. A Google Earth image of May 2009 shows it boarded up at that time.

St. Catherine on Church Street. NZ 166 356. Alan Blacklock. An old postcard view, from Alan Blacklock's Collection. Link.

Salvation Army (Crook Corps.) on Queen Street. NZ 164 355. Their link includes a photo.





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