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Chesham, Buckinghamshire                                                                        

Chesham on Wikipedia.

All photos Les Needham.

My appreciation to Neil Rees for additional information on several of these churches.

Broadway Baptist Church (1901). SP 959 017. Link.

The former Zion Baptist Chapel closed in 1968, when the congregation joined forces with Trinity Baptist Church. SP 960 014. Les Needham.

Chesham Methodist Church. SP 959 020. Les Needham. Link.

Christ Church at Waterside. SP 965 009. Les Needham. Link.

Emmanuel Church. SP 962 022. Les Needham. Link.

Newtown Evangelical Baptist Church. SP 963 027. Les Needham. Link.

St. Columba (R.C.). SP 962 028. Les Needham.

St. Mary. SP 957 015. Les Needham. Link.

Salvation Army. SP 961 020. Les Needham.

Trinity Baptist Church on Red Lion Street and Punch Bowl Lane, built as Hinton Particular Baptist Church in 1897. Another view. It replaced an earlier building on the same site. This link says that the congregation formed in 1701. Neil Rees advises that the 1897 building consists of the chapel on the corner, and the hall, later joined to the chapel by the atrium. Not seen in these photos is an older building, at the rear of the chapel. SP 960 013. Both Martin Richter (2011). Link.

U.R.C. SP 960 017. Les Needham. Link.





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