The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Cardenden, Fife

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All photos Jim Parker (2012).

Auchterderran St. Fothad's Parish Church (CoS, 1789) on Woodend Road, Auchterderran. Another view. Link.

The former Church of Christ on Orebank Road, Bowhill. Link.

The ruin of the Old Parish Church on Balbeggie Road, Auchterderran. Most of the church was demolished in 1789, the stone being used to build the Parish Church. The chancel was kept, and converted to be a mausoleum for the Kininmonth family. Link.

Revival Ministries on Main Street, Auchterderran.

St. Ninian (R.C., 1932) on Derran Drive, Bowhill. Link1. Link2.




01 September 2018

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