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Camborne, Cornwall         

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The former Anglican Mission Room of 1884, now a young peoples centre. Identified by Janet Gimber, who also advises that it ceased being used for worship before 1919, used as a church hall until 1963, and subsequently as a Magistrates Court. SW 648 403. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

Beacon Methodist Church (Wesleyan, 1895). SW 656 392. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

The former Bible Christian Chapel (1844) at Penponds. SW 6357 3925. Paul E. Barnett (2020).

Another former Bible Christian Chapel stands at SW 647 404, and has a date-stone with a building date of 1829, and a re-building in 1871. It has been converted into flats. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Estate Agent's notice.

Cemetery Chapel.  SW 639 403. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

Centenary Methodist Church on Wesley Street, built (unsurprisingly) as Wesleyan. SW 652 402. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Christadelphian Hall on Chapel Road and Mains Row. It was originally a Primitive Methodist Chapel, dated here to 1863. SW 6615 4104. Paul E. Barnett (2022).

Christian Spiritualist Church. SW 655 404. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Elim Centre at SW 656 402. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

An old directory of 1844 mentions a Friends' Meeting House, but I haven't been able to find any further details.

Holy Trinity on Church Road, Penponds. Another view. SW 6349 3935. Both Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. SW 653 411. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

King's Arms Church meet at the Donald Thomas Centre on Chapel Street. SW 647 399. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Link.

The former Methodist New Connexion Chapel. SW 647 403. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

The site of North Street Wesleyan Association Chapel, on what is now North Parade. It stood partly on the open space and partly under the row of housing. There was also a Sunday School, further along the row of housing, but set further back from the road. Both chapel and school pre-date a map of 1908. SW 6507 4026. Paul E. Barnett (2022).

The site of the demolished Primitive Methodist Chapel on Trevenson Street and Stray Park Road. It's dated here to 1851. Another view. SW 6505 3994. Both Paul E. Barnett (2022).

St. John the Baptist (R.C.) on Trevu Road. SW 639 396. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Link.

St. Martin and St. Meriadoc. SW 645 400. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link. Grade I listed.

Salvation Army Fortress (1890). SW 648 404. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

Wesley Methodist Church on Chapel Street. SW 646 399. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Link.






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