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Buckley, Flintshire

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All Saints. Eirian Evans.

Christian Centre. Eirian Evans.

Emmanuel Church. Martin Briscoe.

St. Matthew. Tim Hollinghurst. Link.

Wesleyan Chapel. Martin Briscoe. Eric Kelly advises that latterly it served as the Sunday School for Square Methodist Chapel (see next entry).

This building has the look of converted chapel about it. Can you give it a name? Martin Briscoe. Janet Gimber advises that this appears on old maps as Wesleyan Methodist, later Methodist, and later still as "Square Methodist Chapel". Eric Kelly has advised that it is now a private residence, and that the congregation joined with Buckley Cross Methodist Church, a photo of which is available here (follow the Our Churches link, then it's the third photo on the top row)..




01 September 2018

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