The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Brierly Hill, West Midlands

Brierley Hill on Wikipedia.

Albion Street Church (Assemblies of God). Originally Congregational (1882), there is a very brief history here. Dennis Harper (2013).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Albion Street. Dennis Harper (2013).

St. John, on High Street, Brockmoor. John French. Another view, Dennis Harper (2011).

Methodist Church on Bank Street. It stands on the site of an earlier Methodist church. Another view. Both Dennis Harper (2013). Link.

Mount Pleasant Methodist Church (built as Wesleyan in 1828), on Mount Pleasant. John French. Another view, Dennis Harper (2013).

Wesleyan Reform Church (1861, restored 1905). It looks rather unloved, so possibly disused? Dennis Harper (2011).

William Street Community Church. Dennis Harper (2011).




01 September 2018

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