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Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire

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Priory Church of St. Mary. Bill Henderson. The high altar, West window, St. John of Bridlington Chapel, the Bayle Gate (the priory gatheouse), all James Murray. Another view (previously in the Unknown section) from a family photo belonging to James Holdcroft, probably taken in the 1930's, and identified by Janet Gimber. Another view of the altar, and the East Window and West Window, all John Balaam (2011).  Link1. Link2.

Cemetery Chapel. James Murray.

Former Chapel on St. John's Road at TA 1756 6774. The inscription has been partially erased, though I think I can make out "" on the original photo, so perhaps a Methodist. Howard Richter has advised that this was indeed a Methodist Chapel, originally Primitive Methodist (1877). Named on the 1963-8 O.S. map as St. John's Methodist Church, it closed in 1970, and on the 1970-80 map it shows as Warehouse.
This building, originally proposed as a possible former church, has been shown by Janet Gimber to have been a hall, one old map naming it St. John's Hall.

Christ Church. Bill Henderson. Link.

Emmanuel Church. James Murray.

Free Presbyterian Church on St. John's Road (formerly Zion Memorial Church). James Murray.

Holy Trinity. Bill Henderson.

St. John's Burlington Methodist Church. James Murray.





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