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Brampton, Cumbria

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Bethesda Evangelical Church on Main Street. NY 528 611. Martin Briscoe. Howard Richter, who has been examining old maps, suspects that this was previously a Primitive Methodist Chapel.

Methodist Church. NY 531 612. Martin Briscoe. Another view. Alan Blacklock. Howard Richter advises that this must pre-date 1926, as it is marked on an OS map of that year. It may date from circa 1901, as it shows in outline only, on the map of that year.

The one-time Primitive Methodist Chapel has been used as a theatre for many years. NY 532 612. Martin Briscoe.

St. Martin (1878). Martin Briscoe. The tower. NY 528 610. Steve Bulman. The church is deservedly famous for its stained glass by Burne-Jones; the window photo, and this interior view, are both Peter Morgan (2009). Link1. Link2. Grade I listed.
This church replaced an earlier church of 1789 on the same site. This was successor to the medieval St. Martin, some distance away, of which only the chancel survives. NY 510 616. Steve Bulman. Grade II* listed.

U.R.C. NY 531 612. Martin Briscoe. Behind and to the left of the church is this building, which has rather a "chapel" look about it. Can you confirm it was a church? Steve Bulman. Janet Gimber has advised that, on a map of 1864, the U.R.C. is labelled as Presbyterian, and the other building as "Ind Chap (Calv)". The buildings later became physically linked, so presumably had merged.

Howard Richter advised that there is a Wesleyan Chapel marked on the OS map of 1864, on Gelt Road, at NY 529 610. It certainly survived to at least 1901 as an active church, and he suspects that the building is still extant, currently as a hardware shop, and visible here (drag and drop the little yellow man over the red cross; click and drag image to turn around). Indeed it is still extant, as these two photos show - 1, 2, the latter also showing the top of St. Martin. Both Steve Bulman (2015).





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