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  Bolsover, Derbyshire

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Hillstown Methodist Church (1920). SK 4807 6978. David Regan (2020).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Circa SK 474 703. David Regan (2020).

Methodist Church on Hill Top. Old maps mark this as Wesleyan. SK 4731 7066. James Murray.

The former Presbyterian Church (1662; later Congregational) is now in residential use. SK 4725 7047. Another view, and an informative plaque, which mentions that a larger Chapel was added at the rear in 1893, and demolished in 1986. Despite the relatively recent demolition date, I've been unable to find a photo on-line. A medical centre now stands on the site, as seen in this 2019 Streetview. SK 4725 7049. All David Regan (2020). Grade II listed.

St. Bernadette (R.C.) on High Street. Circa SK 474 703. David Regan (2020). Link.

St. Mary and St. Laurence on High Street. Another view. SK 4745 7031. Both James Murray. Another view, David Regan (2020). Link. Grade II* listed.






04 March 2023

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