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Blackpool, Lancashire                                          

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Baptist Tabernacle. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Bethesda Congregational Church. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Carleton Crematorium Chapel (1935) on Stocks Lane. SD 330 394. There is also a Jewish Cemetery Chapel at SD 328 397. Both © Mike Berrell (2013).

Central Methodist Church. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Elim Pentecostal Church on Fredora Road, Marton. Another view. Both © Alan K. Taylor (both taken in the 1990's).

The former Gospel Hall (originally Open Brethren) on Salthouse Avenue, now a nursery. © Alan K. Taylor (1997).

Holy Cross Parish Church. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Holy Trinity Church on Dean St. © Mrs. Janet Dalby. Link.

Independent methodist Church. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, off Charnley Road.  © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Layton Cemetery Chapel, on Talbot Road. SD 320 375. © Mike Berrell (2013).

Methodist Church on Springfield Road. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Methodist Church on Waterloo Road. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Mosque. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

New Life Community Church, on Queen Victoria Road, built as a Catholic and Apostolic Church. © Mrs. Janet Dalby. This was previously Pentecostal Church - this photograph was taken in 1997, though it had been used as an Assemblies of God Pentecostal Church at least as early as 1981. © Alan K. Taylor (1997). Link.

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church. © Mick Finney. Two interior views - 1, 2, both © John Balaam (2010). Link. Twitter.

St. Cuthbert (R.C.). © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

St. John the Evangelist. © Mrs. Janet Dalby. Another view, ©  John Balaam (2012). Link.

St. Kentigern (R.C.) on Newton Drive. © Mrs. Janet Dalby. Link.

St. Luke, until 1985 the Staining Mission Church. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

St. Mark (1927) on Westcliffe Drive, Layton. Two interior views - 1, 2. SD 322 377. All © Mike Berrell (2013). Link.

St. Paul at Marton. © Mrs. Janet Dalby. The previous church building is shown here on an old postcard, from Judy Flynn's Collection. Link1. Link2.

St. Peter. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

St. Thomas, on Devonshire Road. © Mrs. Janet Dalby. Link.

Spiritual Church. on Albert Road, dates from 1896. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Unitarian Church. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Victoria Congregational Church, on Newton Drive. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.

Victory Baptist Church on St. Anne's Road. Alan advises that this was built on the site of earlier "tent meetings" in 1932, when it was known as Bethel Evangelical Fellowship. It was later a Moravian Church, and a Church of the Nazarene, becoming Victory Baptist in 1987. Another view. Both © Alan K. Taylor (1990's).

Whinney Heys Church, on Whinney Heys Road. © Mrs. Janet Dalby.




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