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Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

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The former Baptist Chapel on Lord Robert's Road. TA 0354 3935. Mike Berrell (2015).

Beverley Baptist Church have previously met at Swinemoor Primary School on Burden Road. TA 042 403. Mike Berrell (2015). The congregation has now moved to another building - The Armstrong Centre on Armstrong Way and Grovehill Road. It was seen by Streetview most recently in 2015. TA 0391 3948. Link.

Beverley Friary on Friar's Lane, used as a Youth Hostel since 1984. Mike advises that occasional services are still held in the Great Hall. TA 0387 3935. Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

The Minster Church of St. John (aka Beverley Minster), on Minster Yard. TA 0377 3926. Stan Mapstone. Another view, David Nicholson. An old (franked 1907) postcard view from Steve Bulman's Collection. Another view, Alan Craxford. The West Front, David Gallimore. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, the chancel, the organ, a stone carved figure of a bagpiper, and the font, all Steve Bulman (2022). Link. Grade I listed.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Manor road. TA 0311 4018. James Murray.

The 25" O.S. map of 1908 marks a Chapel on Flemingate, at SE 0427 3921. Although not labelled more precisely on available maps, Genuki has it as Methodist. I haven't been able to determine which flavour of Methodism it was. Now converted to residential use, it was seen by Streetview in 2022.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Arden Road. TA 0433 4018. Mike Berrell (2015).

King's Church on Swinemoor Lane. TA 0492 3995. Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

Latimer Memorial Congregational Church (1934) on Grovehill Road. TA 0478 3979. James Murray. Two interiors - 1, 2, and a plaque, all Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

Methodist Church at Norwood. TA 0357 4024. James Murray. Link.

Methodist/U.R.C. at Toll Gavel. TA 0340 3960. Alan Craxford. Interior view, James Murray. Two additional interiors - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

The Mortuary Chapel in Queensgate Cemetery. TA 0301 3875. Mike Berrell (2018).

The New Harvest Christian Fellowship meets in the St. John's Ambulance HQ on the corner of Morton Lane and Wilbert Lane. The building is marked as a chapel on older O.S. maps, which Genuki has as Scottish Baptist. It was seen by Streetview in 2022. SE 0371 3979. Link.

Religious Society of Friends' (Quaker) Meeting House on Quaker Lane. Interior view. TA 0294 3966. Both Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

The former St. John's Chapel of Ease on Lairgate. Built in the early 20th century, it was derelict by 1950, and re-opened as the War Memorial Hall. TA 034 393. James Murray. Despite James's understanding that the church was to be demolished, it has evidently been reprieved, and is now home to Community Church. Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

St. John of Beverley (R.C.), on North Bar Without. Another view. TA 0294 3990. Both David Gallimore. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2015).

St. Leonard on Driffield Road, Molescroft. TA 0197 4079. James Murray.

St. Mary on North Bar Within. Another view. TA 0315 3980. Both Alan Craxford. And another one David Gallimore. Interior view, Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

St. Nicholas on Holme Church Lane. TA 0441 3950. James Murray. Another view, and two interiors - 1, 2, all Mike Berrell (2015). Link. Its predecessor, the medieval St. Nicholas stood across the road to the south, at SE 0445 3943. The current church website history page includes a plan of the old church (from archaeological investigations), and says that it was demolished in the mid-17th century. The housing seen in a 2017 Streetview stands at the western edge of a plot of land labelled Grave Yard on old large scale O.S. maps - the old church stood within the graveyard, behind the houses.

The former Scotch Baptist Chapel on Wilbert Lane. TA 0372 3978. James Murray. Mike Berrell advises that this is now used by St. John  Ambulance, and is also home to New Harvest Church. Link.

The Masonic Lodge on Trinity Lane is a former United Methodist Chapel, of 1830. It was seen by Streetview in 2022. TA 0375 3948.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1881) on Flemingate. TA 043 392. Mike Berrell (2015).





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