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  Bath, Somerset

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Churches in Bathwick, Widcombe.

The Abbey Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, and the West Front. ST 749 647. Both from old postcards, Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern night-time view. David Roberts. And the West Front. Note particularly the famous "Stairway to Heaven". Roger Hopkins. A nice view from the higher ground to the east of the city. Roger Hopkins (2010). Another view. Alex Parker. Link.

Beechen Cliff Methodist Church. ST 746 640. Steve Bulman. Link.

Bethel Baptist Chapel on St. John's Road. Janet Gimber (2015).

Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows (at Prior Park College). Interior view. Both Mike Forbester. Link.

Chapel of the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases on Parsonage Lane. Janet Gimber (2015).

Christ Church on Julian Road. Janet Gimber (2015).

Christadelphian Hall on New King Street. Janet Gimber (2015).

The former Countess of Huntingdon's Methodist Chapel, built in 1765, now a museum. David Gallimore. Link.

Elim Pentecostal Church on Charlotte Street. The rose window. Both Janet Gimber (2015).

First Church of Christ, Scientist, in a former Temperance Hall dated 1847. Steve Bulman.

First Spiritual Centre on Old Orchard Street. ST 751 646. Andrew Ross.

Hay Hill Baptist Church. David Gallimore. Link.

Hillhaven, a Salvation Army Goodwill Centre on Oldfield Road. It was in use until the 1980's. Rob Brettle.

The former Holy Trinity Church on Chapel Row. The last service was held here in 2011. Another view, and a door with intricate ironwork. All Janet Gimber (2015).

Hope Chapel, off Lower Borough Walls. Over the door it says "United Methodist Free Churches". Janet Gimber (2015).

Manvers Gospel Hall on Old Orchard Street. ST 751 646. Andrew Ross.

Manvers Street Baptist Church. ST 752 644. Steve Bulman. Another view. Tim Lomas. Link.

The former Moravian Church on Charlotte Street is now in secular use. Janet Gimber (2015).

The site of New King Street Wesleyan Methodist Church is now occupied by a community centre. The church was destroyed by bombing in WWII. A picture of the bomb-damaged church itself can be seen here. Janet Gimber (2015).

Perrymead Roman Catholic Cemetery Chapel. The Eyre Chantry. Both Janet Gimber (2017). Link.

The site of St. Andrew on Julian Road. The church was destroyed by bombing in WWII, though the ruins were only removed in about 1960. Janet Gimber (2015).

St. Andrew on Julian Road dates from the early 1960's. It now seems to be part of St. Andrew's primary school. Janet Gimber (2015).

What is now St. James Memorial Hall, off Lower Borough Walls, and now in use as an arts centre, has every appearance of having been a church previously. Can you provide any history? Janet Gimber (2015).

The former St. James Mission Church on Corn Street. Now in use as a theatre. Janet Gimber (2015).

St. John the Evangelist (R.C.). Steve Bulman. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. Link.

St. Luke at Bloomfield. ST 745 634. Steve Bulman.

The former St. Mark, now a Community Centre, across the river from the railway station. Steve Bulman.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Julian Road, consecrated in 1881. Another view. Before the church was built, the congregation apparently met in this building (also on Julian Road), originally built for indoor tennis. All Janet Gimber (2015). Link.

St. Mary Magdalen at Holloway. ST 747 641. Steve Bulman.

St. Michael with St. Paul. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. The postcard caption just says St. Michael. A modern view. Steve Bulman. Another view, and an interior view, both Roger Hopkins (2010). Link.

St. Swithin, Walcot Parish Church. From an old postcard, David Ware's Collection.  A modern view. David Gallimore. Link.

Seventh-day Adventist Church stands very close to the abbey. ST 496 648. Andrew Ross. Another view. Roger Hopkins.

Society of Friends (Quakers). Steve Bulman.

Former Swedenborgian Church ("New Church, 1844"), now occupied by accountants. Andrew Ross.

U.R.C. on Argyle Street. ST 752 649. Andrew Ross.

U.R.C. and halls, on Grove Street. Janet Gimber (2015).

The Cemetery, off Horseshoe Walk, is variously calle
d Bathwick Cemetery, Smallcombe Cemetery, Smallcombe Garden Cemetery, and St Mary's (Bathwick) Cemetery. It has two chapels, a CoE (two views) - 1, 2, and a Non-Conformist. All Janet Gimber (2017).
St. John the Baptist on St. John's Road. David Read (2011). Link.
St. Mary the Virgin on Darlington Street. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Matthew
on Widcombe Hill. Janet Gimber (2015).
St. Thomas Becket on Church Street. Another view, the interior, the impressive wooden ceiling in the chancel, the font, and the stone screen, about which Pevsner is less than complimentary. All Janet Gimber (2017).
Widcombe Baptist Church, originally Ebenezer.
Two additional views - 1, 2. All Janet Gimber (2015).





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