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Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

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Cumbria County History - Barrow provided many of the dates.

The WWII blitz took its toll on Barrow; a Particular Baptist Church of 1873 on Abbey Road was destroyed in 1941. Its site can be seen in this 2017 Streetview - the piece of grass in the middle of the view. An illustration of the church is available here, and assuming it's accurate, it was a rather fine building. SD 1989 6969. Its successor was built at the junction of Abbey Road and Park Drive in 1953. Here's its Streetview from 2017. SD 2037 7010. Link.

Barrow Cemetery (off Devonshire Road) had three Mortuary Chapels, listed on the above C.C.H. link as Episcopalian, Dissenting and Roman Catholic, and all dating from 1873. The 25" O.S. map of 1913 labels the chapels as follows - Roman Catholic at SD 1995 7140, Nonconformist at SD 1999 7119, and Church of England at SD 2000 7116, the latter two forming a double chapel. There's also a later Crematorium. I don't know if any or all of these chapels have survived, as the view of the Streetview van is obscured by vegetation, but the entrance to the cemetery (SD 2000 7073) can be seen here, on a 2018 Streetview.

A Christadelphian Hall stands on Hibbert Street and Longreins Road, seen here in a 2014 Streetview. A date-stone for (presumably) 1914 can be seen by zooming in. SD 2007 7000. They had another hall at 32 Strand, as is evident from this document which records the cancellation of a permit in 1971, it having first been granted in 1927. I've not been able to find any maps which show this hall. Link.

The remains of Furness Abbey. SD 2180 718. From an old postcard (franked 1915) in Steve Bulman's Collection. Link1. Link2. Several structures associated with the abbey complex are listed - they can be found here.

A Mission Room is marked on old maps on Elm Road, opposite the end of Maple Street. Seen here, on a 2009 Streetview, it may be the church described here as Cemetry [sic] Cottages Unsectarian Mission, and having had its license cancelled in 1971, it having been granted in 1964. SD 1977 7087.

A Primitive Methodist Church (1875-1953) once stood between Marsh Street and Pottery Street at SD 2065 6891. Still derelict and standing in 2009, the site had been cleared by 2014, as seen by the Streetview van. Link.

Sacred Heart (R.C.) stands on Pottery Street and Lumley Street, at circa SD 2068 6895. Seen here by the Streetview van in 2014, moving round the corner onto Lumley Street the adjacent Catholic School can be seen. Older maps (from before the present church was built) label it as R.C. Church and School, as seen in 2014. SD 2072 6895. The church website dates the church to 1930.

The Salvation Army building (1910) on Abbey Road is rather handsome! It can be seen here on a 2018 Streetview. It appears not to be listed. Circa SD 1980 6961. Link.

St. George on St. George's Square (consecrated in 1861). SD 2028 6875. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A 2014 Streetview. Link. Grade II listed.

St. James the Great (1867-9) on Blake Street and Hartington Street. SD 1946 6995. Philip Kapp. Interior view, John Balaam (2008). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. John the Evangelist on Island Road, Barrow Island, as seen by the Streetview van in 2018. The C.C.H. website only says "re-built 1934-5"; this source dates the original church to 1878. SD 1973 6826. Link. Grade II listed.

St. Luke on Roose Road and St. Luke's Avenue was originally built in 1878, and re-built in 1963-4. SD 2132 6901. Link has a photo, but Streetviews show that it has been demolished, and housing built on the site - present in 2009, gone by 2017, and replaced by housing in 2018.

St. Mark (1878) on Buccleuch Street and Rawlinson Street. Interior view. SD 2005 6956. Both John Balaam (2008). Link.

St. Mary of Furness (R.C., 1866-7) on Duke Street. Interior view. SD 1951 6951. Both John Balaam (2008). Link.

The former St. Matthew (1967-2015) on Harrogate Street can be seen in this 2014 Streetview. The church website has photos of its predecessor, of 1878-1964.

The site of St. Patrick (R.C.) on St. Patrick's Road, Barrow Island, as seen on a 2014 Streetview. It stood on the nearer half of today's car park, and at the far end was a school. Built in 1877, by the time of a map of 1958-9 it was labelled as St. Patrick's Hall, having presumably been closed as a church in 1933, and by 1971 had been demolished. SD 1924 6862. Today's St. Patrick (1933) on Michaelson Road, as seen by the 2018 Streeview van. SD 1977 6953. Link.

St. Paul (1871) on Abbey Road and Hawcoat Lane, can be seen here in a 2014 Streetview. Link.

Spiritualist Church. Older maps mark it as School. SD 2003 6918. Philip Kapp.

Trinity Church (Presbyterian), destroyed in a fire March 2005. At the most recent Streetview van visit in 2018, the site was still vacant. SD 2011 6922. Philip Kapp. Link.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Church between Hindpool Road and Lawson Street. Built and opened in 1862, it was enlarged in 1870, and closed in 1935. More recently it has been in use as a nightclub. SD 1974 6898. Martin Richter (2015).





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