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Auchtermuchty, Fife

Auchtermuchty on Wikipedia.

All photos Jim Parker (2012).

The former Auchtermuchty Baptist Church on Burnside, now residential. Another view. Link.

The former Auchtermuchty Gospel Hall on Kilnheugh. Another view. A minor mystery here. Jim advises of this link, which says that the exact identity of this Gospel Hall is a little uncertain, but prefers the building in the first photo. A 1969 map from says it is the building in the second photo.

The former Auchtermuchty Relief Church on Madras Road. The rest of the building was demolished; the little that remains is now part of a garage. Link.

Parish Church (CoS) on High Street. Another view. Link.

St. Matthew (R.C.) on Backdykes. Link.

The former St. Stephen (1843) on Croft now serves as the Parish Church Hall. The former Baptist Church adjoins at the far end - see also "another view" in the Baptist Church entry. Link, which includes a list of its various name changes over the years.

The former United Associated Chapel on Burnside, now called Victoria Hall.

The former (and derelict) United Free Church on Burnside. This link has the complicated naming history of this church.

The former United Presbyterian Church (1850) on Backdykes. It now serves as a school hall. Link.




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