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Arnside, Cumbria

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Cumbria County History - Arnside provided many of the dates.

Cemetery Chapel (1904). SD 4609 7769. Philip Kapp.

The Methodist Church (1876) on Chapel Lane was built as Wesleyan. SD 4570 7856. Elaine Hindson. The church website history page says that before the church was built, services were held at Arnside Tower Farm, which can be seen here in a 2019 Streetview. SD 458 770.

Our Lady of Lourdes (R.C.) stands at the junction of Park View and Silverdale Road. SD 4588 7837. Elaine Hindson. Another view, Philip Kapp. Their website says that the building was previously a school, and that before they moved here in 1977 the congregation had met at the Educational Institute on Pier Lane. The closest the Streetview van has been is on Church Hill, at the top of the lane. In this view of the lane from 2019, the church was on the left, about half way along. SD 4568 7880.

St. James (1864-6) on Church Hill. SD 4583 7878. Elaine Hindson. Link.





04 March 2023

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