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  Armagh, County Armagh

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1st Presbyterian Church, dating from 1673. H 877 452. Gerard Close.

Armagh Baptist Church. H 880 448. Gerard Close (2011).

The Church of Ireland Cathedral dedicated to St. Patrick, and burial place of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland (d. 1014). Jack Storey, Monaghan Genealogy Specialist. Another view. Gerard Close (2011). Another view, and an interior view, both John Balaam (2014). Link.

The Catholic Cathedral, also dedicated to St. Patrick. Another view. Both Gerard Close. An old postcard view, showing the cathedral in the distance and the Memorial Cross. Another postcard showing the entrance. Both postcards from Reg Dosell's collection. A modern view. Gerard Close. A modern view of the entrance - the statue has been moved since the postcard photo was taken. Gerard Close. Another view, the interior, the mosaic-decorated walls, East window, chapel, and the South transept and altar, all John Balaam (2014). Link.

Chapel of Ease in the grounds of St. Luke's Hospital. H 873 467. Gerard Close (2013).

Church of God. H 879 449. Gerard Close (2011).

Elim Pentecostal Church. H 899 471. Gerard Close (2009).

The ruins of the Franciscan Priory (1263/4). H 877 448. Gerard Close (2011).

Free Presbyterian Church. H 880 450. Gerard Close (2013).

Gospel Hall (1884). H 877 451. Gerard Close.

Harvest City Church. H 878 451. Gerard Close (2015). Link.

Killeen Gospel Hall. H 910 421. Gerard Close (2011).

Lisnadill Parish Church (CoI). Jack Storey, Monaghan Genealogy Specialist.

Maranatha Evangelical Pentecostal Church. H 882 451. Gerard Close (2013).

Methodist Church - built 1835, enlarged 1888. H 873 453. Gerard Close (2011). Since Gerard took his photo, the church has been re-painted, John Balaam (2014).

St. Malachy (R.C., 1935). H 873 448. Gerard Close.

St. Mark (CoI, 1811). H 879 453. Gerard Close.

The Mall Presbyterian Church. Inscribed above the door is "The Scotch Church MDCCCXXXVII" (1837). H 876 452. Gerard Close.





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