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Appleby, Cumbria

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The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses was previously Primitive Methodist, and stands between the Sands and Garth Heads Road. This link says that it was known as Chapel on the Rock Primitive Methodist Church, and built 1872. The same link also erroneously says that "Rock Chapel Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall built 1995." - perhaps this is when their ownership commenced. NY 6865 2032. All © Howard Richter (2011). At some point between 2020 (when planning permission was granted - newspaper report of May 2020) and 2023 (Streetview) the congregation moved into a new building on the A66 at NY 7134 1866. The fate of the old building is so far not known.

Our Lady of Appleby (R.C.) on Garth Heads Road. Two additional views - 1, 2. NY 6857 2051. All © Howard Richter (2011). Link1. Link2.

Chapel of St. Anne's Hospital on Boroughgate. The almshouses were founded by Lady Anne Clifford (a personal heroine of mine - I recommend Proud Northern Lady by Martin Holmes) in about 1651. The chapel door is the one to the left of the corner, without a letterbox. NY 6844 2022. © Howard Richter (2015). Link1. Link2. Link3 (which has an interior view).

St. Lawrence. The interior, and the organ, which was originally in Carlisle Cathedral. NY 6833 2044. All © John Balaam (2012). Another view, another interior, the font, and the tomb of the splendid Lady Anne Clifford, all © Chris Stafford (2013). Link. Grade I listed. An old drawing made by Thomas Bland in the 1850's is available here, reproduced by kind permission of Carlisle Library. It's from the searchable Cumbria Image Bank, which can be accessed here.

The former St. Michael, now converted into flats. NY 6886 1989. © Philip Kapp. Link. Grade II* listed.

Rob Kinnon-Brettle advises that there is known to have been a Salvation Army presence in the village at one time, location unknown.

The Sands Methodist Church. The 25" O.S. map of 1899 labels this as Wesleyan. NY 6848 2050. © John Balaam (2012).

The former United Methodist Chapel on Chapel Street. Howard advises that it shows variously on old maps as Tabernacle Chapel, Wesleyan Reform (on the 1861-1881 map), Methodist Chapel (Free United), on the 1899, U.M. Church (1915-16 and 1956-7), but by the 1970-1 map it is shown as "Youth Centre". The Kendal record office has registers for baptisms and marriages starting in 1850, the marriage registers ending in 1877, and the baptisms in 1932. This suggests that closure may have coincided with the merger in 1932. Two additional views - 1, 2. NY 6824 2032. All © Howard Richter (2013).







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