The Churches of Britain and Ireland

  Alnwick, Northumberland

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Chapel Lane Methodist Church (founded as Wesleyan, 1786). Peter Morgan (2009).

The Christian Brethren Hall on Percy St. Alan Craxford.

Hulne Abbey (remains of). Now known as Hulne Priory. NU 163 158. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection.

St. James (U.R.C.). Alan Craxford. Another view. Peter Morgan (2009).

The former St. Mary (R.C., built 1836) now houses the Bailiffgate Museum. Alan Craxford.

St. Michael & All Angels. The tower. NU 183 138. Both Steve Bulman. Link.

St. Paul (R.C.). Bill McKenzie. Another view. Alan Craxford. Interior view. Peter Morgan (2009). Peter advises that this was previously the Anglican St. Mary (1847, closed 1978). It was sold to the Catholics, who re-named and re-opened it soon after.




29 April 2006

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