The Churches of Britain and Ireland


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Coin Varin, St. Matthew (R.C.). © Alan Perchard.
Corbière, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. © Alan Perchard.

First Tower, St. Andrew. © Alan Perchard.

Gorey, former Salvation Army Hall. © Rob Brettle.
Grouville Parish Church. Link. Gouray Church. Link. La Roque Methodist Church. Link. All © Alan Perchard. This old postcard shows the parish church in 1905. From Alan Perchard's Collection.

Millbrook, St. Matthew, aka The Glass Church. Another view. Both © Alan Perchard. The following are all old postcards in John Bowdler's Collection - two further views - 1, 2, four interior views - 1, 2, 3, Lady Chapel. Link.

Rozel, Chapel of Rosel Manor. Another view. © Alan Perchard.

St. Aubin, Sacred Heart (R.C.). © Alan Perchard. A distant view of the Methodist Church (1868). © Jim Parker. Link.
St. Brelade.
St. Clement, St. Clement. Link. Samares Methodist Church. According to the link, this is the southernmost church in the British Isles. Both © Alan Perchard.
St. Helier.
St. John, St. John. Another view. Both © Alan Perchard. This old postcard shows the church in 1905. From Alan Perchard's Collection. Link.
St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence. Tesson Chapel (Independent Evangelical). Both © Alan Perchard.
St. Martin. © Alan Perchard.
St. Mary, St. Mary. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Both © Alan Perchard.
St. Ouen, St. Ouen. © Alan Perchard. Former Salvation Army meeting place. © Rob Brettle. St. Anne's Chapel in St. Ouen's Manor. © Alan Perchard. Link.
St. Peter, St. Peter. © Alan Perchard. Link.
St. Peter La Roque, Fisherman's Chapel. © Alan Perchard.
St. Saviour, St. Saviour. © Alan Perchard. Link. St. Luke. © Graeme Harvey. Link.
St. Thomas (R.C.), known locally as the "French Cathedral". From an old postcard, Graeme Harvey's Collection. Interior view, also from Graeme's Collection. Graeme suspects the postcard may date to before WWII.

Trinity, Trinity Parish Church. © Alan Perchard.

Val de la Mare, Bethesda Methodist Church. © Alan Perchard.






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